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Exploring the Saint Petersburg in the Private Tours

Petersburg was created by its founder Peter the Great as a “window into Europe” and Peter’s successor employed a host of European architects to add fascinating palaces and cathedrals to it. Adorned with baroque palaces, geometric layout and picturesque canals, St Petersburg Private Tour gives you an ultimate opportunity to explore an array of artistic thrills that span over 200 museums (including the Hermitage and the Russian Museum) and world-class ballet, opera, and classical music. Tourists and art enthusiasts are also amazed to explore the contemporary art Erarta Museum, the Street Art Museum and in the buzzing gallery scene. Some of the things not to be missed in your trip to St Petersburg are:

  • State Hermitage Museum, in the Winter Palace
  • Tours of palaces including the Winter Palace and Anichkov Palace
  • Volkovskoe Cemetery
  • Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul
  • Dining on the Russian cruise
  • The dome at St. Isaac’s Cathedral for 360-degree views of the canal-filled city
  • Alexander Garden
  • Kresty Prison Museum

Moscow City Tour

One of the best ways to have St Petersburg Private Tour is by opting for a boat tour that let tourist explore most of the city’s significant monuments and architectural splendor from the water. Most travel agencies accompany you with an experienced guide to give you information on everything you see. If you want to have a fascinating experience, it is good to visit during the White Nights, from late May to early July. It is the time when the city is alive with its arts festivals, outdoor concerts and a lot more.

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